Monday, December 15, 2008

Officer Elections!

Taekwondo elections were held prior to testing on Wednesday, December 10th. Below is a list of the new officer corps. Officers will serve through the 2009 calendar year. Congratulations!

President: Marc Osherson '10
Vice President: Carissa Fu '11
Secretary: Andrew Mandelbaum '12
Treasurer: Steven Kim '12
Equipment Chair: Gina Davis '10
Webmaster: Ellen Kim '10
Community Liaison: Erika Yih '12

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fall 2008 Belt Testing

Princeton Taekwondo held belt testing for the Fall 2008 semester last night in the Multipurpose Room. In all, 13 members tested for their next rank. Testing began with the white and yellow belts, and consisted of hand techniques, kicks, simulated sparring, fitness/flexibility, forms, and breaking. All of the white and yellow belts did very well, and Master Choi was very impressed.

Next, Master Choi called up Cristian Proistosescu and Forest Sebastian, both blue belts, as well as Henry Ong '03, who originally trained at Princeton and is now at UPenn, and decided to return to test for his black belt. Like the white and yellow belts, the candidates were also tested in the same areas. As part of his black belt test, Henry was put through a grueling fitness test, followed by a long sequence of board breaking that tested his strength, reaction time, and focus. Though challenged, Henry proved himself to be up to the task, passing his test and earning his black belt.

Master Choi was thoroughly pleased with the outcome of the testing, commending the testers on their skill, focus, and concentration. We would like to thank Masters Choi and Hatfield for taking the time to administer the testing, all of the black belts who came in support, everybody else who came to watch, and of course, the testers themselves. Congratulations to everybody who tested last night! Have a great winter break!

Yellow Belt:
Andrew Mandelbaum
Jasmine Evans
Shannon Mercer
Melekot Abate
Chris Triolo
Erika Yih
Mike McCaffery

Green Belt:
Peng Jiang
Gina Davis
Byron Davis

Senior Blue Belt:
Cristian Proistosescu
Forest Sebastian

Black Belt, 1st Dan:

Henry Ong